New Glarus Cranbic (2016)

New Glarus Cranbic (2016)
2016-04-26 No Comments acquisitions Dan

I had this a few years ago, maybe 2014? I think it was the first sour I ever had. It’s not a true sour in the sense of the style, it’s a fruited lambic, but when the fruit is cranberry it’s easy to call it sour. Some of my friends don’t appreciate cranberry in beer. One of my favorite beers, Serendipity, is one that I’ve kept on hand as long as New Glarus is making it. It starts with a lovely apple and cherry burst but has a prominent cranberry finish and that finish is enough to turn some people off. That’s a shame but at least it’s based on what they like and don’t like. I have friends who admit to liking Serendipity (or other New Glarus delicacies) but object to it on the premise, “If you want fruit juice, then drink fruit juice. If you want beer, then drink beer.” I have yet to successfully extract a definition of what he deems “beer” in order to take him up on his statement…

In any case, this Cran-bic is really delicious. I wouldn’t put it up there with Serendipity but, in certain cases, I actually prefer it. Sometimes you want a strong, sharp flavor that isn’t an IPA and this fits the bill. It cleanses the pallet with the unmistakable cranberry flavor and the carbonation washes your whole mouth. I’ve tried other sours and fruit (or fruit-infused) beers but none approach what New Glarus makes in terms of having a strong, even dominant, fruit flavor without losing that unmistakable maltiness and satisfying kick that is unique to beer. And, most importantly, they just taste so, so good.

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