2016-04-04 No Comments acquisitions Dan

Yes, I know, KBS day was actually last Friday when Founders played a prank on everyone by dropping this release a bit early but I’m not complaining. I think it actually evened the playing field. So I finally got my KBS. I was pretty excited just to get the carton; to actually score some KBS was awesome. Last year, some of my beer friends only managed to get a single bottle between the two of them so I consider myself very lucky.

I’m not usually a fan of coffee beer but I trust Founders to know what they’re doing. I drank a bottle tonight and the coffee wasn’t nearly as strong as I was worried it might be. It was just a nice counterpoint to the rich chocolate flavors. And it’s a Founders bourbon barrel release so you know it’s soaked in bourbon. Not many breweries give their beer a full year in the barrel! I still think Backwoods Bastard is their best beer, but this one is very well-crafted and worth the price. Hopefully, I’ll manage to get a few bottles next year, too.

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