Dogfish Head 120

Dogfish Head 120
2016-04-24 No Comments acquisitions Dan

Dogfish-Head-120This beer should need no introduction. The original ridiculously massive IPA. It’s not that hard to get around here, when it’s released. It will be in stores for the next few days at $8-10 a bottle. A friend gave me a bottle of this a while ago and I made the mistake of drinking it immediately. I was well aware of the alcohol content (20ish percent) and shared it among several people but it was so over-the-top boozy that I didn’t want to drink much more than the few ounces I had allotted myself. But it was powerfully hoppy, even if it wasn’t smooth.

I now know a lot more about how to treat this beer. It’s not a barleywine but it’s definitely toward that end of the IPA spectrum. The amazing thing about Dogfish Head’s 90 and 120 minute IPAs is that they don’t lose their hoppiness, even after sitting for a few months. Or years. OK, I can’t attest to the “years” part for both of them from personal experience. I do have a 90 minute from last July that I plan to try after a full year. But it’s well know how well the 120 minute smooths out after a few years. So well, in fact, that it says “AGES WELL” right on the front. I still have the bottle that I drank about 10 years ago and the label hasn’t changed much. I can’t quite read the date but it was about a decade ago and it says on the side, “Enjoy now or age for a decade or so.” I remember thinking that was a ridiculous suggestion at the time. Now I just think, “If only…”

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