Author: Dan

Author: Dan

Intro to Beer
2017-11-12 intro Dan

Intro to Beer My name is Dan. I like beer. I like to read about beer. I like to learn about beer. I like to talk about beer. I like to go to liquor stores and look at beer. I like to give beer away. But most of all, I like to drink beer. Especially

Intro to the Primer
2017-01-11 intro Dan

This is the first in a series of posts I’ll be writing about beer. I know, shocking. I don’t intend this to be definitive or comprehensive. This is an introduction to beer for the uninitiated but interested. Do you kind of like beer but don’t know where to start? Did you have a really good

Pipeworks Ninja Series: Funzino and Lupine
Image 2016-05-26 acquisitions Dan

Everywhere in the country has their own unique beers. I think I have a pretty good situation. I live in Wisconsin which allows me ready access to New Glarus and Central Waters, in addition to whatever out of state breweries distribute here. Beer distribution is growing every year but there are notable exceptions. Thankfully I

New Glarus Cranbic (2016)
Image 2016-04-26 acquisitions Dan

I had this a few years ago, maybe 2014? I think it was the first sour I ever had. It’s not a true sour in the sense of the style, it’s a fruited lambic, but when the fruit is cranberry it’s easy to call it sour. Some of my friends don’t appreciate cranberry in beer.

Dogfish Head 120
Image 2016-04-24 acquisitions Dan

This beer should need no introduction. The original ridiculously massive IPA. It’s not that hard to get around here, when it’s released. It will be in stores for the next few days at $8-10 a bottle. A friend gave me a bottle of this a while ago and I made the mistake of drinking it

Cassian Sunset
Image 2016-04-19 acquisitions Dan

Besides unlimited access to New Glarus brews, a big perk of living in Wisconsin is getting a chance at the Central Waters barrel aged beers. Peruvian Morning is somewhat legendary but they haven’t released it in bottles for a long time. I’ve heard that they had trouble with consistency due to the challenge of including

Dogfish Head Squall IPA
Image 2016-04-14 acquisitions Dan

I’ve been after this for a long time. Unfortunately, Dogfish Head doesn’t make this beer every year. It’s a bottle conditioned and unfiltered version of their 90 minute IPA, with some special hop additions. Several years ago (maybe 2010 or 2011?), I was in a local bottle shop and I was putting together a mix-n-match

Image 2016-04-04 acquisitions Dan

Yes, I know, KBS day was actually last Friday when Founders played a prank on everyone by dropping this release a bit early but I’m not complaining. I think it actually evened the playing field. So I finally got my KBS. I was pretty excited just to get the carton; to actually score some KBS

Acquisitions for week 4/02
Image 2016-04-01 acquisitions Dan

This one is a bit misleading. I was able to find the Stone Imperial Russian Stout in store. Stone isn’t distributed in Wisconsin (although that might change this year?) but I live close enough to the Illinois border to make a run on a weekly basis, if necessary. There’s hardly a better deal than $6.99

Acquisitions for week 3/26
Image 2016-03-28 acquisitions Dan

Had a good week. I picked up two that I thought I had missed out on. Everett’s got the Abyss variants and then Artale got Avery’s Uncle Jacob’s Stout. Everett’s had the cognac barrel Abyss as well as the rye but I feel like the rye will be better. I have a cognac barrel barleywine