Acquisitions for week 4/02

Acquisitions for week 4/02
2016-04-01 No Comments acquisitions Dan

This one is a bit misleading. I was able to find the Stone Imperial Russian Stout in store. Stone isn’t distributed in Wisconsin (although that might change this year?) but I live close enough to the Illinois border to make a run on a weekly basis, if necessary. There’s hardly a better deal than $6.99 for a 22 oz. bottle so I bought two. I really appreciate when breweries don’t gouge you for the larger bottles. Theoretically, it should be cheaper per ounce in larger quantities but that never happens. Larger bottles tend to be smaller batch beers but, even when it’s the same brew, the smaller bottles are usually less than half the price per ounce. Last week I payed $22 for a “remarkably limited” release bottle, and the Uncle Jacob’s Stout is a pricey 12 oz. bottle, so seven bucks for a great Russian Imperial Stout is eminently reasonable.

Everything else I ordered from a store in California. Shipping beer is pricey but I hit a free shipping day so it wasn’t too bad and the markup on the ones I bought was palatable. The w00tstout and the Old Stock Ale are the only ones I’ve seen in a store so I was pretty happy to get a chance to try these. I’ll definitely post something when I crack them open. I’m especially excited about the Équinoxe du Printemps, a scotch ale with maple syrup. Scotch Ales are my favorite and I try every one I can get my hands on. There aren’t that many of them around (unlike imperial stouts and IPAs) so that’s actually possible. The Simcoe Sour is also very intriguing. I have a few other sours in my cellar waiting their turn so I’m probably a ways off from opening that one. Old Stock Ale is an awesome beer so I’m curious about how the rye whiskey will affect it. It was an exciting day. The biggest disappointment was that nobody in my county was selling KBS today. Apparently, only one store is even getting any and they’re holding on to it until next week. At least I’ll be ready for that one. I wasn’t ready for Founders to release it today. Joke’s on me, I guess. Cheers!

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