Acquisitions for week 3/26

Acquisitions for week 3/26
2016-03-28 No Comments acquisitions Dan

Had a good week. I picked up two that I thought I had missed out on. Everett’s got the Abyss variants and then Artale got Avery’s Uncle Jacob’s Stout. Everett’s had the cognac barrel Abyss as well as the rye but I feel like the rye will be better. I have a cognac barrel barleywine but rye seems a better fit for a stout. Plus, it’s a steep price of admission at $23; the regular Abyss was $16.

I’ve heard amazing thing’s about Ale Asylum’s Barrel Aged Richie so I grabbed a bottle of that. I’m a bit torn between letting it sit for a year or trying it now. That’s why I often buy two bottles if I can. But my cellar is pretty full already and it was $14 and I haven’t had it before so I only left with one.

The last one is something I’ve been wanting to try: Pipeworks’ Crimson Snapper, an IIPA with blood orange juice. I drank the Crimson Snapper with pizza and it was really good. It’s a palate wrecker for sure but it was just right with the meal. It smelled a lot more resiny than it tasted. For having actual citrus juice in it, I didn’t get as much citrus flavor as I expected. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, but it kept me guessing. I still don’t know if they’ll be able to top their Citra Ninja. I probably won’t get the Crimson Snapper again just because it’s $10/bottle and there are great IPAs around for less but I certainly don’t regret trying it. Pipeworks is becoming one of my favorites.

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